Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. What are you doing to show your support?

The Ozarks offers some of the best motorcycle routes in the country, and that means more motorcycles than ever are on our roads. In 2016 alone, there were over 2000 motorcycle accidents in Missouri, with a record 122 deaths reported. Arkansas crashes and fatalities are not far behind. Those are some staggering statistics on the rise, making it very important to do your part to promote motorcycle awareness.

As a member of the motorcycle community, all riders must take proper precautions on the road, and off. You can find a number of articles, lists, and recommendations online to keep you safe on your bike. Namely- proper riding attire, checking your bike thoroughly before each ride, using hand signals, upgrading headlights, using reflective gear, and riding with a group. But, what can you do to help when you are off the bike?

Promoting motorcycle awareness is something that everyone can get behind, not just riders. The more the public thinks about motorcycles, the more likely they are to look twice and watch for motorcycles. You can help by putting up yard signs in your neighborhood, place of business, and anywhere else it is allowed. Grab a bumper sticker, like & share social media links promoting awareness, and continually hold conversations with friends and family about watching for motorcycles. If you know someone who has not taken a motorcycle safety course, help them get more information, or even offer to take the class [again] yourself. You might learn something new!

Make it a routine to talk to your kids about motorcycles and how to stay safe. Leading by example in actions and words is the quickest way to make a difference during Motorcycle Awareness Month, as well as all year long. Regardless of what you ride or where you are riding, there are resources to help you learn and continue to be safe on the road.





*You can visit the office of Aaron Sachs & Associates, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, to get your free #LookTwiceSaveALife yard sign and bumper sticker.

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