Involved in an Accident?

Seek medical treatment for your injuries.

Your physical recovery should be your top priority immediately following a motorcycle accident. Even if you think you’re not seriously injured, it’s wise to see to see a doctor and get checked out, just in case. Be sure you report all of the injuries you’ve suffered, not just the ones that are causing you the most pain. Certain kinds of injuries can cause long-term symptoms that may not appear right away but can emerge later.


Report the accident to the police and to your insurance company.

If you should decide to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for your losses and damages, a formal accident report can be a crucial piece of evidence. Likewise, you should report the accident to your insurer immediately to protect your rights to benefits provided by your own auto or motorcycle policy.


Collect as much information about the accident as you can.

When possible, take photographs at the accident scene and collect information from any other drivers involved, including those who may have witnessed the crash. You’ll also want to keep a record of your injuries, medical expenses and other losses, including any lost wages and other damages or physical limitations caused by your injuries. Importantly, be sure to hold off on getting your bike repaired until the damage has been properly documented.


Seek legal advice.

The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner you’ll have an advocate who can help compile evidence to support your claim and ensure your rights are protected. A motorcycle accident attorney can also answer your questions and help you understand your legal options. Most personal injury lawyers (including our firm) offer a free initial consultation, so there’s really nothing to lose in scheduling an appointment.


Don’t talk to anyone about the accident except the police,

healthcare providers, your insurer and your attorney.

We encourage you to refrain from signing any documents or giving the other party’s insurer a recorded statement about the accident. Doing so may limit or even waive your right to any future compensation for the accident. When you speak to law enforcement officials and your own insurance company, stick to the facts – don’t theorize about how the accident happened or who may have been at fault. A personal injury law firm can deal with these parties on your behalf.

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